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For college students of anatomy, biology, and the biomedical sciences; doctors; and curious households, DK's "Human Anatomy" may be a definitive source. Written by way of acclaimed anatomist, Dr. Alice Roberts, "Human Anatomy" is an up to the moment learn of the physique. surprising electronic photographs convey the physique in remarkable, true-to-life element. Exhaustive annotations give you the names of organs and constructions in the course of the skeletal, muscular, anxious, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and reproductive platforms, whereas describing their features and services. This new addition to DK's award-winning catalog of human physique titles might help readers larger take hold of the deep complexities of the human physique for learn, learn, or normal reference. content material formerly released as a part of "Complete Human Body."

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We can also appreciate the large size of the nasal cavity, hidden away inside the skull. Frontal bone Forms the anterior cranial fossa, where the frontal lobes of the brain lie, inside the skull Frontal sinus One of the paranasal air sinuses that drain into the nasal cavity, this is an air space within the frontal bone Nasal bone Pituitary fossa Fossa is the Latin word for ditch; the pituitary gland occupies this small cavity on the upper surface of the sphenoid bone Sphenoidal sinus Another paranasal air sinus; it lies within the body of the sphenoid bone Superior nasal concha Part of the ethmoid bone, which forms the roof and upper side walls of the nasal cavity Middle nasal concha Like the superior nasal concha, this is also part of the ethmoid bone Inferior nasal concha A separate bone, attached to the inner surface of the maxilla; the conchae increase the surface area of the nasal cavity Anterior nasal crest Palatine bone Joins to the maxilla and forms the back of the hard palate Pterygoid process Sticking down from the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, this process flanks the back of the nasal cavity and provides attachment for muscles of the palate and jaw 033 HEAD AND NECK Parietal bone Grooves for arteries Meningeal arteries branch on the inside of the skull and leave grooves on the bones Squamous part of the temporal bone Squamosal suture Lambdoid suture Internal acoustic meatus Hole in petrous part of the temporal bone that transmits both the facial and vestibulocochlear nerves Occipital bone External occipital protuberance Projection from occipital bone that gives attachment to the nuchal ligament of the neck; much more pronounced in men than in women Hypoglossal canal Hole through occipital bone, in the cranial base, which transmits the hypoglossal nerve supplying the tongue muscles Styloid process INTERIOR OF SKULL Frontal bone Forms joints with the parietal and sphenoid bones on the top and sides of the skull, and with the maxilla, nasal, lacrimal, and ethmoid bones below In this view of the skull, we can clearly see that it is not one single bone, and we can also see how the various cranial bones fit together to produce the shape we are more familiar with.

This is because strong sacroiliac ligaments around the joints bind the ilium (part of the pelvic bone) tightly to the sacrum on each side. Lower down, the sacrospinous and sacrotuberous ligaments, stretching from the sacrum and coccyx to the ilium, provide additional support and stability. Iliac crest Gluteal surface of ilium The gluteal muscles attach to the pelvis here Posterior superior iliac spine This is the back end of the iliac crest Sacroiliac joint Sacrum Body of pubis The wide, flat portion of the pubic bone Ischial spine This projection from the ischium forms the attachment point for the sacrospinous ligament of the pelvis Greater trochanter Gluteal muscles attach here Coccyx Lesser trochanter Attachment point for the psoas muscle Femur 045 ABDOMEN AND PELVIS Twelfth rib Lumbar vertebrae Five vertebrae make up the lumbar spine Lumbosacral joint Where the fifth lumbar vertebra meets the sacrum Posterior sacral foramina Posterior branches of the sacral spinal nerves pass through these holes Superior pubic ramus This extension of the pubic bone is named after the Latin for branch Obturator foramen Ischiopubic ramus Ischial tuberosity (POSTERIOR) BACK Sacral promontory The upper margin of the sacrum projects forward less in the female SKELETAL SYSTEM 046 Iliiac crest Sacroiliac joint Smaller in the female pelvis Greater sciatic notch Superior pubic ramus Ischiopubic ramus Thinner in the female pelvis PELVIS Pubic symphysis FEMALE PELVIS ANTERIOR (FRONT) Subpubic angle Much wider in the female pelvis The bony pelvis is the part of the skeleton that is most different between the sexes, because the pelvis in the female has to accommodate the birth canal, unlike the male pelvis.

The pelvis is a basin shape, and is enclosed by the two pelvic (or innominate) bones, at the front and sides, and by the sacrum at the back. Each pelvic bone is made of three fused bones: the ilium at the rear, the ischium at the lower front, and the pubis above it. Twelfth rib Lumbar vertebrae The lumbar section of the spine forms part of the posterior abdominal wall Iliac crest Upper edge of the ilium—one of the three bones that make up the bony pelvis; it can be felt easily through the skin Sacroiliac joint A synovial joint between the sacrum and ilium Iliac fossa The concavity (concave surface) of the ilium gives attachment to the iliacus muscle and supports the intestines Sacrum Pelvic bone Each of the two large pelvic bones is made up of ilium, pubis, and ischium Coccyx Superior pubic ramus The upper branch of the pubic bone Body of ischium Ischiopubic ramus Ischial tuberosity Femur ANTERIOR (FRONT) CARTILAGINOUS JOINTS 043 Pubic bone Forms the front of the bony pelvis Pubic symphysis PELVIS Pubic symphysis At the front of the bony pelvis, the two pubic bones meet each other.

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