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Plants growing 7. Plants growing more 8. The harvest is gathered 9. The field is harvested 10. The cold is coming again 11. Again it is cold greatly 12. The sun is returning In other cultures, the names of the months reflect a consideration of both the physical and social environment as with the names for the 12 annual and 1 intercalary (a month added periodically to bring the lunar months in line with environmental changes of the solar year) Hopi months: 1. Initiates' Moon 2. Dangerous Moon 3.

TABLE A-4 AVAILABILITY OF MAJOR FOOD SOURCES FOR THE SAN Food J F M A M J J A S O N D Gemsbok Springbok Duiker Steenbok Springhare Fox Rodents Birds Tortoises Snakes Termites Fruit—Bosia albitrunca Melons—Co. ocynthus citrullus Seeds—Bauhinia esculenta Leaves—Aloe zebrina Leaves—Talinum arnoti Roots—Coccina rehmanii Roots—Scilla sp. Roots—Wallera nutans H 21 ANNUAL CYCLE TABLE A-5 ANNUAL CYCLE OF THE SHERPA OF NEPAL Activity J Herding Herds near main village, graze nearby Small herds near main village, large herds at lowlying camps; feeding with hay and buckwheat begins Feeding with hay and buckwheat Small herds near main village, large herds taken to high village and fed on hay Small and large herds at high village; all feed on hay All herds taken to medium elevation pastures Large herds to high pastures, some small herds to main village Move all animals to high pastures Grazing in high pastures Move all animals to medium pastures Grazing in medium pastures Farming Hoeing and plowing Repairing stone walls Manuring Planting and sowing Weeding Harvesting and drying Cutting and threshing buckwheat Hay making Threshing barley Trading 22 H F M A M J J A S o N D ANNUAL CYCLE For hunter-gatherers, the annual cycle is seasonal with movements motivated by searching for food.

He also reasoned that this population growth is controlled either by factors such as famine or disease that increase the mortality rate or factors such as celibacy or infanticide that lower the birth rate. Since this initial formulation, demographers, ecologists, anthropologists, sociologists, economists, and others have been interested in what is now called the carrying capacity of a population. In this respect, the population is a specific community, such as hunter-gatherer societies, horticultural societies, CARRYING CAPACITY agricultural societies, entire nations, regions, or the entire human population on earth.

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