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By Dan Simmons

ISBN-10: 0553283685

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Being a hefty, deaf newcomer virtually makes Will Halpin the least renowned man at Coaler excessive. but if he befriends the one man much less well known than him, the dork-namic duo has the smarts and guts to determine who knocked off the big name quarterback. Will can’t listen what’s happening, yet he’s a very good observer.

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SOLUTION: Keep pressing and poking until you find out. Perhaps the evening excursion down the cliff is related to all of this. There may be a nursery there. Or a pile of small bones. PROBLEM: What/s this 'belong to the cruciform' and 'way of the cross' business if not a contorted vestige of the original colonists' religious belief?. SOLUTION: Find out by going to the source. Could their daily descent down the cliff be religious in nature? PROBLEM: 'What/S down the cliff face? SOLUTION: GO down and see.

All three looked at me. 'We belong to the cruciform,' said Alpha. I nodded, understanding nothing. This evening I fell asleep briefly just before sunset and when I awoke it was to the organ-pipe music of the Cleft's nightfall winds. It was much louder here on the village ledges. Even the hovels seemed to join the chorus as the rising gusts whistled and whined through stone gaps, flapping fronds, and crude smokeholes. Something was wrong. It took me a groggy minute to realize that the village was abandoned.

Tuk showed me how to set out the ring of arrestor rods, all the time clucking dire warnings to himself and searching the evening sky for clouds. I plan to sleep well in spite of everything. Day 84: 0400 hours- Sweet Mother of Christ. For three hours we have been caught up in the middle of the end of the world. The explosions started shortly after midnight, mere lightning crashes at first, and against our better judgment Tuk and I slid our heads through the tent flap to watch the pyrotechnics. I am used to the Matthew-month monsoon storms on Pacem, so the first hour of lightning displays did not seem too unusual.

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Hyperion-Saga 1: Hyperion by Dan Simmons

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