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By Maria V. Snyder

ISBN-10: 1426851782

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Keep Your Head Down.

Don't Get Noticed.

Or Else.

I'm Trella. i am a scrub. A not anyone. one among hundreds of thousands who paintings the decrease degrees, protecting inside of fresh for the Uppers. i have one buddy, do my task and check out to prevent the Pop police officers. So what if I sometimes use the pipes to sneak round the top degrees? the single neck in danger is my own…until I by chance begin a uprising and develop into the go-to lady to guide a revolution.

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They rarely policed the ductwork with their sensors, believing in their filters and the passivity of the scrubs. I grinned. Except for a few of us, they were right. Although I remembered the stories about when the Pop Cops had tried to place video cameras in the lower levels. Each and every one had disappeared. No witnesses came forward, and no evidence had been found. Eventually the cameras became another lost part of our world. Something we once had. Our computers have a whole list of things which met this criterion, but I didn’t care.

But I had to give him credit for controlling his temper. “When I’m here,” he said evenly, “no one can find me. No one can give me assignments. No one can harp at me about shirking my duty. ” He stepped toward me. ” “Well, then, it’s to our mutual benefit that I disappear and we both forget about this little incident. ” “Yes. No. ” I thought fast. ” Climbing back onto the couch, I said, “I’m finished, so I’ll be returning to the lower levels where I belong. ” He laced his fingers together, but before I could step into his cupped hand, he pulled back.

Darts of fear raced through my shoulder and stabbed my heart. My thoughts scrambled as I stared at her violet eyes and angular features. I used all my energy to nod, keeping my face calm. “Come with me,” she ordered.

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