Steven M. Dinh, John DeNuzzio, Ann Comfort's Intelligent Materials for Controlled Release PDF

By Steven M. Dinh, John DeNuzzio, Ann Comfort

ISBN-10: 0841217211

ISBN-13: 9780841217218

ISBN-10: 0841235953

ISBN-13: 9780841235953

content material: Cogelation of hydrolyzable cross-linkers and poly(ethylene oxide) dimethacrylate and their use as managed unlock cars / Jennifer Elisseeff, Winnette McIntosh, Kristi Anseth, and Robert Langer --
Temperature-sensitive polymer method developed with sodium alginate and poly(N, N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate-co-acrylamide) / S.H. Yuk, S.H. Cho, H.B. Lee, and M.S. Jhon --
Pulsatile drug supply in accordance with a complexation-decomplexation mechanism / A.M. Lowman and Nicholas A. Peppas --
Gel-coated catheters as drug supply platforms / Stevin H. Gehrke, John P. Fisher, James F. McBride, Stephen M. O'Connor, and Huajie Zhu --
Novel ethylene glycol-containing, pH-sensitive hydrogels for drug supply purposes : "molecular gates" for insulin supply / Christie M. Hassan and Nicholas A. Peppas --
Overcoming the outside barrier with synthetic shrewdpermanent companies of substances / Gregor Cevc --
pH oscillation of a drug for temporal supply / Steven A. Giannos and Steven M. Dinh --
pH-hysteresis of glucose permeability in acid-doped LCST hydrogels : a foundation for pulsatile oscillatory drug free up / J.-C. Leroux and R.A. Siegel --
managed supply utilizing cyclodextrin know-how / Z. Helena Qi and Christopher T. Sikorski --
Inclusion compounds as a method to manufacture managed liberate fabrics / L. Huang and A.E. Tonelli --
Liposomal supply platforms for phototherapeutic brokers / P.W. Taylor --
Intracellular supply of liposomal contents utilizing pH-and light-activated plasmenyl-type liposomes / Oleg V. Gerasimov, Nathan Wymer, Derek Miller, Yuanjin Rui, and David H. Thompson --
Conditionally reliable liposomes for gene supply / S.C. Davis and F.C. Szoka, Jr. --
basic reviews of DNA adsorption and hybridization on stable surfaces / Lynn Anne Sanguedolce, Vincent Chan, Steven E. McKenzie, Saul Surrey, Paolo Fortina, and David J. Graves --
program of neural networks to optimize flux profiles for transdermal platforms / R.T. Kurnik, J. Jona, and B. Jasti.

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1 M) at 37° C plotted as a function of the swelling solution pH for gels with P E G graft chains of molecular weight 1000 containing varying ratios of EG/MAA (1 (o), 3/7 (•) and 1/4 ( A)) and (The value for pure P M A A is denoted by ( 7)). ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1999. 6 for P M A A ) (23) is the polymer characteristic ratio, M is the molecular weight of the individual repeating unit and t is the carbon-carbon bond length. The average network mesh size or correlation length was dramatically affected by the pH of the swelling solution (Figure 3).

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