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The meeting of the gear and the optimum number of the desk bound stages and ellution reagents are comprehensively and obviously defined. accordingly, each consumer of ion chromatography, will want this booklet to achieve success in employing ion chromatography.

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Since chloromethyl methyl ether is suspected of being carcinogenic and is no longer commercially available, Fritz et al. [18] devised a method in which chloromethyl methyl ether is prepared in situ and reacted with the resin. , the hydroxymethylene cation, acts as an electrophile. HydroxymethyleneCation In a second reaction step, the alcohol formed via electrophilic substitution is transformed by hydrochloric acid into the respective halogenide. The resin is subsequently aminated by reacting it with a tertiary amine.

The column packing collapses as a result of the particle shrinkage, creating a void volume at the top end of the column, which is accompanied by a drastic loss of separation efficiency. , the ionic form of the resin. , transition from inorganic sodium hydroxide to organic potassium hydrogenphthalate). The optimal degree of crosslinking for a microporous PS/DVB resin is determined experimentally. Normally, this value lies between 2y0 and 8% which is a compromise between mechanical stability and chromatographic efficiency of the stationary phase.

3-8 and 3-9, respectively. h I I I 0 2 4 6 I 8 10 Minutes Fig. 3-6. Separation of various inorganic anions on LCA A01. 5 mumin; detection: suppressed conductivity; injection volume: 50 pL; solute concentrations: 1 ppm each. 3 Anion Exchange Chromatography 39 I NP 0 7 - I 0 I 5 ~ 10 Minutes 3 0 15 Fig. 3-1. Separation of various inorganic anions on TSK Gel IC-PW. 2 mL/min; detection: direct conductivity; injection volume: 100 pL; solute concentrations: 5 to 40 ppm; (taken from [66]). I 5 Nb I I I I 0 2 4 6 Minutes Fig.

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