New PDF release: Java Database Programming Bible

By John O'Donahue

ISBN-10: 0764549243

ISBN-13: 9780764549243

Java Database Bible is a accomplished method of studying tips to strengthen and enforce a qualified point Java 2 database application utilizing the Java database connection API (JDBC 3.0).
Includes an creation to relational databases and designing database purposes; covers interacting with a relational database utilizing a Java application; and indicates tips on how to create and paintings with XML information garage utilizing a Java application.

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Although lawyers use slightly different terminology, and charge much higher rates, the process is much like billing for contract programming. Usually, lawyers bill on a project basis, though they call a project a matter. The legal term for tracking hours expended on a project is capturing time. Members of a law firm whose time is billable are referred to as timekeepers. Their time is billable at various predefined levels, ranging from partner to clerk. On of the most important aspects of any kind of system engineering is identifying the needs of the users.

The order in which the columns are returned is the order in which they are stored in the database; the row order is arbitrary. Comparison operators In addition to the equality operator used in the preceding example, SQL supports a full range of standard comparison operators, including special operators used to test for the presence or absence of a NULL value in a column: § Equality (=) § Inequality (<>) § Greater Than (>) and Greater Than or Equal To (>=) § Less Than (<) and Less Than or Equal To (<=) § IS NULL § IS NOT NULL Comparison operations can be combined using the basic logical operators: AND, OR and NOT.

Appendix A provides a guide to common SQL commands. SQL Data Types SQL supports a variety of different data types that are listed in Table 3-1, together with JDBC data types to which they are mapped. It is important to realize that different SQL dialects support these data types in different ways, so you should read your documentation regarding maximum string lengths, or numeric values, and which data type to use for large-object storage. Table 3-1: Standard SQL Data Types with Their Java Equivalents SQL type Java Type Description BINARY byte[] Byte array.

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