Carrie Karasyov's Jet Set PDF

By Carrie Karasyov

ISBN-10: 006143177X

ISBN-13: 9780061431777

ISBN-10: 0061830844

ISBN-13: 9780061830846

I am Lucy Peterson, and allow me inform you—I do not slot in at my new boarding college in Switzerland in any respect. Caviar at each meal, white-tie affairs (because black-tie is so final season), journeys to Geneva to choose up the newest couture, and genuine stay royals lurking round each nook? None of that's rather my pace. i am simply your commonplace American teenager, the following on scholarship, able to kick a few educational and tennis butt so i will have my decide of Ivy League faculties. basically now i am falling everywhere myself to provoke my overwhelm, who simply occurs to be a prince, i have gotten myself knotted up in a tabloid disaster—literally—and the "It" clique on campus has determined that i'm necessary in their evil scorn. What have I gotten myself into?

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Yes you can! I can give you some tips, like a fun makeover,” she said, leaning back and assessing me. “I don’t think so . . ,” I began, but my voice faltered. “You’re sooo pretty, dahling! Really, your face and bod, you could be a knockout. You just . . don’t have experience with this, is all. And some makeup could work wonders. ” I found myself touching my light brown hair. “I was blond as a baby,” I said, trying to joke. I had thought of myself as a somewhat together person who was smart enough and athletic enough to get into this school and go off, away from her parents and sister, and try to make life better.

The way she said “Whatever” was more like “Wha-eva,” with tiny peeks of the Dickensian cockney shining through. What was her deal? Why the smoke and mirrors reflecting a moneyed and socially connected life when she was talking to someone as decidedly unglam as me? I was curious. I didn’t quite know what to think let alone say, so I remained quasi-mute for the rest of lunch. I had to play it very safe here—she was my only friend so far, and I couldn’t let on that I knew. I needed a sure-footed 41 strategy.

He was really the only one she talked to, and I saw them now and then having deep 33 conversations. Not that I could ever get a guy like him, but it was a bummer to have him taken. We settled into our table across the room and started to eat our pasta. I had only taken a bite of my macaroni and cheese with shaved white truffles when Sofia got to her favorite topic. ” she asked. She was as obsessed with Angelina as everyone else, and she made me give daily reports on her outfits at tennis. ” “You’re pathetic.

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