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By Rita Williams-Garcia

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The inaccurate attitude Trina: "Hey," I say, although i do not fairly comprehend them. The boyed-up basketball lady slightly strikes. The others, her ladies, step apart. it truly is ok in the event that they do not communicate. i understand how it's. they can not all be Trina. Dominique: a few silly little flit cuts correct in among us and is like, "Hey." Like she do not see i am the following and all of the house round me is mines. I slam my fist into my different hand simply because she's sturdy as jumped. Leticia: Why could i am getting fascinated by Trina's lifestyles whilst i do not recognize needless to say if I observed what i assumed I observed? who's to assert I wasn't seeing it from the inaccurate attitude? Acclaimed writer Rita Williams-Garcia intertwines the lives of 3 very varied teenagers during this fast paced, gritty narrative approximately offerings and the impression that even the main probably insignificant ones could have. Weaving out and in of the women' views, readers will locate themselves no longer with one intimate portrayal yet 3.

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Ask him. Call him now and ask him. It’s just that what you thought you saw wasn’t that at all. ” Now, if Bea went for that, why’s she so sure I saw what I thought I saw? I could have been wrong. I could have been seeing it from the wrong angle. Just because Dominique looked like she was going to kick Trina’s ass doesn’t mean that’s exactly what I saw. And this is my point. Why would I get involved in Trina’s life when I don’t know for sure if I saw what I thought I saw? Who is to say that Dominique doesn’t mean something else?

It’s not that I want to respond to it, I have to respond to it. I can’t let that slide. 37 7 Imaginary or Not LETICIA CLASS IS IN FULL SWING WHEN I ARRIVE. Mr. Walsh doesn’t bother to ask for the late pass. It’s not the first time I’ve strolled in after the second bell. He figures, why waste valuable class time asking for a pass he knows I don’t have? So I shock him, uncrumple the bathroom pass with Miss Palenka’s signature and smooth it out on his desk so he can see it’s legitimate. ” “A long dump, Mr.

His minutes. It’s gotta suck when you’re the only one ready on game day. So I call out, “Trust. ” Delmonico’s so grateful for the full chest pass. “You’re on it, ’Nique,” he says, and he’s crazy excited. ” Imagine this is your game. This is what you live for. He’s got the ball and now he wants to pass it. He’s looking out at the players. Who has the hot hand? Who’s open? “Come on, people. Come on. ” And there’s no one to pass it to. He’s dribbling, dribbling, keeping one eye on the ball. ” Lucia sucks her tongue in her mouth.

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