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Examines the actual features and prerequisites of Jupiter, describing its place with regards to the solar and different planets and surveying humanity's makes an attempt to penetrate its mysteries.

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Shrinking Spots There are other, smaller spots rotating between the fastmoving currents of Jupiter's atmosphere. Three large, white ovals, each the size of Mars, have been observed south of the Great Red Spot for at least fifty years. These white ovals appeared in 1939, when each was almost 65,000 miles (100,000 kilometers) long. Since then, they have shrunk to around a tenth of that size. Radio Jupiter the 1950s, American astronomers, working on a radio frequency map of the sky, by chance detected radio waves emanating from Jupiter.

Europa's density, 3-3 times that of water, indicates that, like lo, it has a solid silicate core. The Voyager probes showed that Europa has an unusually smooth, whitish surface, with some dark patches, and a complex network of dark lines. Ancient Floods The bright, reflective surface of Europa is almost cer- made of ice or frost, and the dark criss-crossing may be cracks in the ice. The "tidal" gravitational tainly lines forces that heat 54 up the interior of lo have far less effect The moon Europa appears as a world of thick, fractured ice-crusts over a rocky core.

The photographs could then be combined to produce color images much clearer than those obtained from Earth-based telescopes and cameras. Near Approaches December 1973, Pioneer lO's fly-bys brought it to within 81,400 miles (131,000 kilometers) of Jupiter. A year later. Pioneer 1 1 came as close as 28,800 miles (46,400 kilometers). Among other things, the Pioneer instruments were able to make the first accurate assessments of Jupiter's atmospheric make-up. They also measured the enormous radiation intensities encountered inside the planet's magnetosphere.

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