Last Christmas: The Private Prequel by Kate Brian PDF

By Kate Brian

ISBN-10: 1416913696

ISBN-13: 9781416913696

Ariana Osgood has every little thing an Easton Academy lady may wish: immediately A's, the ideal boyfriend, and a coveted spot in specific Billings apartment. yet at the first evening of Christmas holiday, a snowstorm traps her on campus with impossible to resist bad-boy Thomas Pearson. by myself. rather than snuggling together with her boyfriend subsequent to a comfy fireplace in Vermont, she's huddling for heat with Thomas in Ketlar condominium. because the snow transforms Easton right into a iciness wonderland, Ariana unearths herself falling for Thomas. yet somebody is observing their clandestine romance spread, an individual reason on turning their vacation weekend right into a nightmare... final Christmas finds the key of what rather occurred earlier than deepest started -- and the stunning fact will swap every thing for enthusiasts of Kate Brian's bestselling sequence.

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Just stay with me a little longer," she demanded. Four large windows, evenly spaced along the back edge of Drake, looked over the dorm basement. She made it to the first window, collapsing against it. " She lifted Thomas's face to hers. His eyes were half-closed, and a smile played across his lips. "Thomas," she said sternly. " He nodded. " She crouched down in front of the window, pressing her palms against the glass. "It's warm," she announced, wiping the pane with her sleeve and 167 peering inside.

The warped wood stayed frozen in place. " Thomas turned around and eyed the doorway nervously. "Come on! " He rejoined Ariana. "Okay. " he shouted. Together they strained at the window. Ariana held her breath and pulled until she felt as if her fingers were going to break off backward. 153 Then, just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, the window finally gave. " Thomas turned away as a blast of cold air swept into the room. Ariana moved cautiously to the window. The blizzard had almost subsided, and only a light, translucent curtain of snowflakes tumbled to the ground below.

The old Ariana would have been horrified, but the new Ariana just stuffed the bottle of Vicodin into her coat pocket and shoved the drawer closed. The sound of it slamming made her jump, and a small laugh slipped from her lips. Thomas was right. She was paranoid. She pushed herself to standing with her free hand, but something 162 on the desk caught her eye. A sheet of paper she hadn't noticed before. Ariana held the flame closer. It was a picture. As the lines and shadows on the page came into focus, her heart seized in her chest and she dropped the lighter.

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Last Christmas: The Private Prequel by Kate Brian

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