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By Deborah Smith

ISBN-10: 0553762230

ISBN-13: 9780553762235

Elgiva MacRoth is mesmerized by way of the boastful guy whose enormous fortune is endangering the way forward for her tiny Scottish village. whilst she kidnaps him, he overwhelms her with ardour. How can she make him remember that she's taken him prisoner merely to maintain her history?

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She smiled at the dancing fire, and shivers ran up Douglas's spine. He thought again of her power over his senses back in New York. He watched Sam, who lay near her on a hearth rug, looking content. Enchanted? Get a grip on yourself, Kincaid. "You're the biggest fairy I've ever seen," he noted, and made sure it didn't sound like a compliment. " She twisted to study him with stern eyes. " "I was hoping for a one-night stand. You looked easy. Big and easy. " Even in the shadowy firelight he could see her face tighten.

His dark eyes swept over her face in angry assessment. "I don't believe in fairy tales," he said grimly. "Then don't listen to them. Listen to your heart. " "I'll listen when you let me out of here. Do it now and I'll be a reasonable man. " "You mean you'll be 'reasonable' by your own terms. No. " She stepped back quickly. "You're undoubtedly the MacRoth heir. " "Slugger. " He pounded one fist against the bars. "You can't keep me here for a month! I have deals underway all over the world! " Without his hands on her any longer, calm began to return.

Remember that I'm your only link to food and heat. Be a noble captive, Douglas. " "Oh? " His hand delved under the robe, flattening across her midsection. Elgiva's harshly indrawn breath made a loud rasping sound in the quiet cottage, and he chuckled with victory. " His hand cupped her navel, and his big, blunt forefinger began to trace a circle around it. " His voice was low and rumbling. "Who knows? " "You're a liar, Douglas. " He laughed heartily, while his hand rose by slow degrees up her stomach.

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