E. Crespin's Les Ninjas PDF

By E. Crespin

ISBN-10: 2702709761

ISBN-13: 9782702709764

Série moderne des arts martiaux.

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I think it an animal, but it travels so fast I cannot imagine how a simple forest creature could seem to occupy every corner of the wood all at once. Then I hear the breathing. It is heavy, very nearly labored save for the fact that it does not sound human. It closes in from every direction, and though I cannot name the thing that gives chase, the fact that it appears beneath me does nothing to ease my fear. I know well that the laws of the Otherworlds do not follow our own. I know just as well that my fear is not to be ignored.

The day wears on, and Sonia makes nervous conversation while Luisa remains mostly silent. Edmund finally locates a place to break for lunch and refill our canteens. As has become our habit, Edmund takes care of the horses while I pull food from the packs for an easy meal. We are eating in companionable silence when I hear it. No. That is not quite right. I think I hear it, but it is more a feeling, a whispered intuition that something is coming. At first, I think it is my imagination. But then I look around.

I do have a moment’s anxiety as we reach the deepest portion, the water nearly reaching my knees, but Sargent surges forward against the current with a minimum of trouble. I do not have time to speak further with Edmund about the thing giving chase through the woods. We travel nearly full speed for the rest of the day after crossing the river. There are no stops for food, water, or rest until the sun descends so far that it is difficult to see one another. It is clear that Edmund would like to continue, but no one asks whether we should keep going.

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Les Ninjas by E. Crespin

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