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By Wilfried M.A. Niessen

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This quantity comprehensively relates advancements, ideas, and purposes of mixed liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and different innovations reminiscent of capillary electrophoresis and supercritical fluid chromatography mixed with mass spectrometry. It covers historic advancements, at the moment vital interfaces and applied sciences, and LC-MS purposes in environmental research, prescribed drugs and bioanalysis, and extra fields. It deals in-depth assurance of interfaces and applied sciences at present very important within the laboratory, in particular electrospray and APCI, comprises an accelerated functions part, and offers over 2200 references, tables, equations, and drawings.

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The streaming mobile phase takes the fraction eu (ca. 4), the so-called interparticle porosity. 1: Schematic diagram of the general instrumental setup of LC equipment. 1:Separation mechanisms in LCadsorptionselective adsorption/desorption on a solid phasepartitionselective partition between two immiscible liquidsion-exchangedifferences in ion-exchange propertiesion-pairformation of ion-pair and selective partition or sorption of these ion-pairsgel permeation/size exclusiondifferences in molecular size, or more explicitly the ability to diffuse into and out of the pore system 2.

2) precede a general discussion on interfacing chromatography and mass spectrometry (Ch. 3). Subsequently, the various interfaces for LC-MS are discussed from a technological point of view. After a historical overview in which all approaches to on-line LC-MS are discussed (Ch. , the movingbelt interface (Ch. 5), direct liquid introduction (Ch. 6), thermospray (Ch. 7), continuous-flow fast atom bombardment (Ch. 8), particle-beam interfaces (Ch. 9) and electrospray and related methods (Ch. 10). Developments in Page vi combining supercritical fluid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis to mass spectrometry are reviewed as well (Ch.

A mixed mode where both electroendosmosis and pressure induced flows are applied, is also described. 2. 3, the selection of the appropriate LC mode for a particular analytical problem is indicated. The LC mode is selected on basis of the molecular mass and water-solubility of the analytes. 2: Application areas of the various LC modes. 3. Theory of Chromatography A brief outline of the theory of LC is provided here. 1 The Chromatogram Generally, the LC separation is performed in the elution mode.

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