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By Joanne Horniman

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Struggling with postpartum melancholy, Emily visits her grandmother to take a holiday from her existence. As she tries to type via her depression and self-hatred—seeing herself as a valueless teenage woman who deserted her child—she is befriended by means of a stay-at-home dad and his son, Pete. Their friendships increase and Emily is ready to nurture herself again from her depressive kingdom. Poignant and hopeful, this narrative is informed with an acute tenderness and divulges the truth of postpartum melancholy, the hardships of adlescent being pregnant, and the way to come back to like after a sad determination.

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So she wrote at the top: A Map Of Where You’re Going When You Don’t Know Where You Are. She’d slept through lunch and was starving hungry. She crammed cheese on toast into her mouth while she wrote, and spots of grease appeared on the paper. That night she switched on the lamp beside her bed and found a piece of paper. For a while her pen hovered and was unable to make a mark. She struggled for words. In the end she wrote: Dear Matt, i hope you are well. i think about Mahalia all the time. i think about both of you, and i’m so grateful that you are there for her.

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He said. ‘Emily! Come in . ’ ‘No.

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