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Being a hefty, deaf newcomer nearly makes Will Halpin the least well known man at Coaler excessive. but if he befriends the one man much less renowned than him, the dork-namic duo has the smarts and guts to determine who knocked off the megastar quarterback. Will can’t listen what’s happening, yet he’s a very good observer.

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She knows, too, that Sharon killed Darrin. His murder, in Portland, Maine, a few weeks before Mom’s, remains officially unsolved. Nobody could possibly link Darrin to Mom. As far as she can tell, neither her father nor the Florida police have any idea he even existed. He died under an assumed name, Tom Leolyn, having been missing from Lily Dale for almost twenty years. He contacted Mom this past Valentine’s Day, wanting to see her. She snuck away to meet him in Boston, where, apparently, he dropped a bombshell on her.

First things first. With a trembling hand, she dials Jacy’s phone number. m. “I really can’t stick around for very long,”Calla informs her grandmother and father as the three of them walk out the door and down the front steps beneath an ominous sky. ” When she called him earlier, he was headed out the door with his foster dads and couldn’t talk. ”she asked. “Because I can talk, and you can listen. ” “Tell me in person. ”she suggested instead. She isn’t exactly eager for Jacy to come face- to-face with Gammy and Dad now that they know about his part in her lie.

So much for space. Now that Dad’s decided to move into Ramona’s house, he’s about to discover that he’s a mere mortal living among the dead— and among the living who can communicate with the dead. He’s not going to appreciate that any more than Calla did when she first got here. But it’s not like he’s eventually likely to discover—as she did—that he, too, can see dead people. While the spiritualists here believe that anyone is capable of connecting with spirits, that it’s a skill that can be developed like any other, they also believe that it comes much more readily to certain people, who inherit it from their parents and grandparents like any other hereditary trait.

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