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By Lynn Lively

ISBN-10: 0814478425

ISBN-13: 9780814478424

This consultant is meant for a person changing into more and more buried below an avalanche of data got from printouts, memos. e-mails, stories and faxes. It outlines a private motion plan to minimize info overload, and offers suggestion on getting greatest enjoy the details.

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This consultant is meant for someone turning into more and more buried less than an avalanche of knowledge bought from printouts, memos. e-mails, experiences and faxes. It outlines a private motion plan to lessen info overload, and gives recommendation on getting greatest enjoy the details.

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You are ready to go on to Chapter 3 and finally start cleaning up that mess at work. But first, how about a break? You've earned a nice cup of herbal tea! You're on your way to becoming an information master. Page 18Figure 2-1. Sample job sheet for Joyce Terry. Page 19Figure 2-2. Sample job sheet for Jim Nathan. Page 20Figure 2-3. Sample job sheet for Kurt Sang. Page 21 CHAPTER 3 DIGGING OUT IMPORTANT INFORMATION You're now at your cubicle, workstation, or office and ready to begin. You're clear on what five areas of information you are going to master.

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