Download PDF by Roger Money-Kyrle, Meg Harris Williams: Man’s Picture of His World and Three Papers

By Roger Money-Kyrle, Meg Harris Williams

ISBN-10: 1782202250

ISBN-13: 9781782202257

This re-creation of Roger Money-Kyrle’s vintage paintings is released including 3 of his past due papers, "Cognitive development", "The goal of psychoanalysis", and "On being a psychoanalyst". Its purpose is to introduce new readers to this key Kleinian philosopher, whose effect has been quiet and uncontroversial yet deep and formative. The publication additionally comprises Donald Meltzer’s dialogue of the paper on "Cognitive development".

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And I think both errors have a common source in blind spots which occur when his own anxieties are on the point of being stirred in what I called the introjective phase of intuition. I will try to make this clearer by two hypothetical and oversimplified examples. In the first, the patient – who, in order to use the pronouns ‘he’ for the analyst and ‘she’ for the patient, may be assumed to be a woman – has been complaining of a deep depression which now seems to be coming on just before an analytic holiday.

Now among the factors that could best promote the survival of descendants would be a desire to have descendants that survive. So evolution might be expected to implant this, and eventually to maximise it as an overriding purpose. Moreover, as instrumental to this purpose, evolution might go even further and develop a specific desire to have improved, and ultimately ‘perfect’ offspring with respect to their capacity to survive in their environment – not merely to breed, but as it were to breed eugenically.

He may then discover that his own anxieties have been aroused and have caused him to lose touch, so that he has been either guessing without conviction, or using a projective defence, that is, attributing something to his patient which is, at that moment, really THE NATURE OF THE EVIDENCE 31 more in himself. In either case, he will perceive that, while he cannot disprove his interpretations, there were no sound reasons for believing them to be true. On the basis of this kind of evidence, analysis gradually constructs portraits, which we believe to be reasonably accurate, of the minds – both conscious and unconscious – of many individuals.

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Man’s Picture of His World and Three Papers by Roger Money-Kyrle, Meg Harris Williams

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