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By Michael A. Madson

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Mass Spectrometry: strategies for the Structural Characterization of Glycans offers new equipment for accomplishing specified carbohydrate qualitative analysis―arming analytical chemists, pharmaceutical scientists, and foodstuff scientists with a short reference that might let them make sure the buildings of carbohydrates molecules.

As there's a want within the clinical neighborhood for content material particular to structural selection and research of latest glycoprotein drug, and since structure-activity research calls for a structural choice of the N- and O-linked oligosaccharides associated with glycol-proteins, this publication offers the appropriate examine which are beneficial for advances and new results during this zone of analysis.

  • Authored via an analytical chemist with greater than 30 years of expertise in examine and industry
  • Serves as a short reference in mass spectral research and carbohydrates
  • Includes greater than 60 figures to help within the retention of key concepts

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Here we have the same molecule as in the previous structure except that there is the loss of one hydrogen ion and the addition of one sodium ion (Fig. 73). 69 Here is another ion that has a formula from its structure that is within the accuracy of the MALDI-TOF instrument (Fig. 74). The structure, above, is a dihydrido sulfo substituted derivative of 3 ,60 disialyl galactosyl galactosaminyl tyrosine [21,25]. It has completely deacetylated acetamido and peptido groups (Fig. 75). 0 This structure is from the MALDI MS from above.

It is a clear indication of the trisaccharide structure (Fig. 70). This is a MALDI spectrum of K-casein O-linked oligosaccharide alditol/amino acid [21,23,26À31]. Three out of the four ions are substituted by tyrosine, an amino acid. Since tyrosine-linked carbohydrates are not cleavable by β-elimination, they would persist. The remaining glycopeptide would be cleaved until the single amino acid remains (Fig. 71). Here in this structure we have the whole molecule. It is the disodium, diammonium salt of the disulfo dihydrido hydrated sulfo derivative found in the second MALDI MS shown (Fig.

It contains two sialic acid residues substituting the hexosyl group. The only difference between this structure and the previous one, except for ammonium versus sodium in the previous slide, is that this one is dehydrated. One of the sialic acid groups has lost ketene. 2 amu difference between the calculated and found amu presumably indicating identity (Fig. 86). This trisaccharide fragment is cleaved from the original molecule at the anomeric oxygen with two substitutions, both sialic acid derivatives.

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