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Hence, it is possible to design large systems with higher /-numbers (f = R/2D) without worrying about low-frequency structural dynamic effects associated with a secondary cantilevered a long distance in front of the primary and without having to provide the large amount of energy required to generate the angular acceleration and deceleration needed to reorient a massive structure with a large rotatory inertia. Also, the large primary surface is constructed of relatively small elements, all of which are identical.

M-+-T-+-H-— λ — H Fig. 4 Multiple punches. The threshold value of pah0 or Ph0/H Eq. 3) where F for a wave is one-half of the F for the corresponding isolated bump: one-half for the rectangular wave and π/4 for the sinusoidal. Below the threshold value the plastic deformation will be contained and no appreciable change in geometry will result. Above the threshold, the geometry change will be large. The continual increase in h from the initial h0 causes the driving forces to increase and the system to run away in an extremely short time.

2(b)) between the desired surface and the existing surface. "Initial surface error" is the difference Δζ" between the desired surface and the existing surface after rigid body alignment of the circular elements but before deformation of them by force and moment actuators distributed around their circumferences. "Residual surface error" is the difference Δζ" between the desired surface and the existing surface after rigidbody alignment and deformation by edge moments and forces. These moments and forces are assumed to be applied by actuators of such a number and arranged around the circumference of each element in such a way that they simulate cos ηθ variation of the loading.

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