New PDF release: Modern Countercurrent Chromatography

By Walter D. Conway, Richard J. Petroski

ISBN-10: 0841215189

ISBN-13: 9780841215184

ISBN-10: 0841231672

ISBN-13: 9780841231672

content material: assessment of countercurrent chromatography / Walter D. Conway --
Liquid polarity and stationary-phase retention in countercurrent chromatography / Alain Berthod, Jean Marc Deroux, and Madeleine Bully --
Orbital turns in line with theoretical plate for countercurrent chromatography machine comparability / J.-M. Menet, M.-C. Rolet-Menet, D. Thiébaut, and R. Rosset --
Cross-axis coil planet centrifuge : use of experimental layout to figure out optimum settings / J. Goupy, J.-M. Menet, Kazufusa Shinomiya, and Yoichiro Ito --
version in accordance with Stokes' legislation as an easy technique to describe the movement development of the cellular part in centrifugal partition chromatography / A.P. Foucault, E. Camacho Frias, C.G. Bordier, and F. Le Goffic --
Optimization of countercurrent chromatography solvent platforms / D.G. Martin --
Separation of 3 alkaloids from Senecio fuberi Hemsl through high-speed countercurrent chromatography / D.-G. Cai, M.-J. Gu, G.-P. Zhu, J.-D. Zhang, T. Jin, T.-Y. Zhang, and Yoichiro Ito --
Separation of gardenia yellow parts by way of high-speed countercurrent chromatography / H. Oka, Y. Ikai, S. Yamada, J. Hayakawa, K.-I. Harada, M. Suzuki, H. Nakazawa, and Yoichiro Ito --
Separation of cucurbitacin B and cucurbitacin E from fruit base of Cucumis melo L. through high-speed countercurrent chromatography / Q.Z. Du, X.P. Xiong, and Yoichiro Ito --
Purification of the human immunodeficiency virus-1 aspartyl proteinase substrate peptide / Martha Knight, Yoichiro Ito, Bhaskar Chandrasekhar, Kazuyuki Takahashi, and Anil B. Mukherjee --
Countercurrent chromatographic isolation of excessive- and low-density lipoprotein fractions from human serum / Y. Shibusawa, T. Chiba, U. Matsumoto, and Yoichiro Ito --
online quick atom bombardment mass spectrometric detection in high-speed countercurrent chromatography via a relocating belt interface / James N. McGuire, Mark L. Proefke, Walter D. Conway, and Kenneth L. Rinehart --
dimension of partition coefficient utilizing centrifugal partition chromatography : procedure improvement and alertness to the decision of solute houses / Ruey-Shiuan Tsai, Pierre-Alain Carrupt, and Bernard Testa --
pH-zone-refining countercurrent chromatography : a brand new procedure for preparative separation / Yoichiro Ito, Kazufusa Shinomiya, H.M. Fales, Adrian Weisz, and Alan L. Scher --
Equilibrium version for pH-zone-refining countercurrent chromatography / Alan L. Scher and Yoichiro Ito --
Preparative separation of elements of industrial 4,5,6,7-tetrachlorofluorescein by way of pH-zone-refining countercurrent chromatography / Adrian Weisz, Denis Andrzejewski, Kazufusa Shinomiya, and Yoichiro Ito --
Purification of 4,5,6,7-tetrachlorofluorescein through pH-zone-refining countercurrent chromatography : results of pattern measurement, focus of eluent base, and selection of retainer acid / Kazufusa Shinomiya, Adrian Weisz, and Yoichiro Ito.

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F, whereas Van-Deemter plots are obtained at constant capacity factors. Such results imply that the flow-rate can be increased in order to raise the efficiency and to shorten the separation time, but with a reduced retention of stationary phase and consequently a diminished resolution (5,6). An optimum has to be determined between efficiency and resolution. Count of Orbital Turns per Plate. In order to take into account the separation time and the mechanical characteristics of the apparatus, we propose to introduce n, the count of orbital turns per plate calculated according to equation 10 or 11; η can be calculated for each solute which is separated.

However, these plots are dependent on the retention of stationary phase and for Counter-Current Chromatography, they shall not be called Van-Deemter plots. A better comparison of the devices is based on the use of the height equivalent to a theoretical plate. However, we needed a parameter including the rotational speed, the internal diameter of the column as well as the retention of the stationary phase inside the column. The number of orbital turns per theoretical plate has revealed as a good comparison parameter as many typical parameters of CCC are involved.

Hence, it is important to wait one hour (t = 23 min) before making the first solute injection (77). , M E K , 1,1,1-trichloroethane and trimethylbenzene with an aqueous mobile phase and dichloromethane with the solvent mobile phase, the solute injection can be made after a short ( - 1 0 min) wait time. The small decrease of stationary phase volume that occurs during the run can easily be corrected by interpolation if needed. ch002 m 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 m t=ep t=0 Non Aqueous Solvent Systems.

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