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I. The traditional factor. Some capitals have retained their function through successive stages in the political history of their states, and have with the passage of time developed a comprehensive range of national symbols; their apparently inalienable right to remain as capital has become imprinted on the minds of people. The importance ofthe traditional factor is exemplified in the case of London, where the capital function was consolidated after the Norman invasion of 1066. The town dominated the economic life of medieval England, and this economic predominance attracted increasing political functions as administration and international relations became increasingly complex.

Oppenheim, astate ' ... 14 The European concept of the state, which by virtue of its sovereignty can recognise no superior authority, and the largely European doctrine of 21 POLITICAL REGIONS AND TIME nationalism were exported to the remainder of the worId and superimposed directly upon existing forms of politico-territorial organisation. The transformation occurred without the prolonged indigenous evolution evident in Europe, and in consequence, in many parts ofthe post-colonial worId, states and tribai divisions are involved in an uneasy coexistence, with the state competing for loyalty with the tribe.

Central 2. Peripheralor eccentric 3. External 1. World 2. Continental 3. Primary national 4. Secondary With co re areas classified in terms of function, the problem of their spatial extent remains. From the very nature of cores as centres for the dissemination of political or economic infiuences, it follows that their limits will be transitional, not linear. The original limits of germinal cores, such as the fifteenth-century Grand Duchy of Moscow, may be mapped by recourse to historical sources, while various economic criteria such as those of Zaidi may be used to demarcate an economic core, though it is unlikely that a universally applicable economic measure exists.

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