Jean-Jacques Feige, Gilles Pagès, Fabrice Soncin's Molecular Mechanisms of Angiogenesis: From Ontogenesis to PDF

By Jean-Jacques Feige, Gilles Pagès, Fabrice Soncin

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Angiogenesis is a multi-stage approach that drives the new release of recent blood and lymphatic vessels from pre-existing ones. it really is hugely energetic in the course of embryogenesis, mostly inactive in the course of maturity yet reactivated in the course of wound therapeutic and lower than a few pathological stipulations together with melanoma and ocular ailments. as well as endothelial cells, which line the partitions of the vessels, numerous different telephone kinds (pericytes, macrophages, progenitor cells…) additionally give a contribution to angiogenesis. a couple of signaling pathways are activated and extremely finely music the fragile morphogenetic occasions that finally bring about the formation of good blood evidence neovessels.

This publication experiences fresh advances in our knowing of the molecular and mobile mechanisms of angiogenesis, with a spotlight on how one can combine those observations into the context of developmental, post-natal and pathological neovascularization.

The e-book was once released below the auspices of the French Angiogenesis Society. such a lot members are popular contributors of this Society or overseas researchers who've actively contributed to the once a year conferences of the Society.

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Furthermore, mutations in a number of other genes known to be important for early lymphatic development have been identified as genetic causes of lymphoedema. These include CCBE1 in a subset of Hennekam syndrome patients with generalised lymphatic dysplasia (Alders et al. 2009; Connell et al. 2012) and SOX18 and FOXC2 in hypotriochosis-lymphoedema-telangiectasia and lymphoedema-distichiasis syndromes, respectively (Irrthum et al. 2003; Fang et al. 2000; Finegold et al. 2001). Other causative genes for lymphoedema whose functions are not well understood include the gap junction proteins connexin 43 and connexin 47, the transcription factor GATA2 and a member of the kinesin family KIF11 (Ferrell et al.

2008). In contrast to capillaries, endothelial cells of larger pre-collecting and collecting lymphatic vessels have an elongated morphology and zipper-like cell-cell junctions (Fig. 2) (Baluk et al. 2007). Collecting vessels also contain luminal valves, and they 30 F. Tatin and T. Makinen Collecting vessel Lymphatic valve formation FoxC2 Calcineurin/NFATc1 Connexin 37 Integrin-α9 Basement membrane Ephrin-B2 Celsr1/Vangl2 Lymphatic capillary anchoring filaments Immune cells Lymph node Lymphatic sprouting VEGF-C/VEGFR-3 Nrp2 SMC recruitment Reelin Ang2 Button-like junctions Zipper like junctions VE-cadherin LYVE-1 Fig.

Sox18/Prox1 induction is dependent on the activation of Ras/RAF/ERK pathway (Deng et al. 2013); however, the mechanisms underlying venous-restricted polarised expression of Prox1 in the veins are currently not understood. Genetic deletion of Sox18 or Prox1 in mice results in a complete absence of lymphatic vasculature due to the lack of LEC differentiation (Francois et al. 2008; Wigle et al. 2002; Wigle and Oliver 1999). Overexpression studies further showed that Prox1 has the ability to reprogramme venous endothelial cells into the lymphatic state in vitro and in vivo; however, reprogramming was not induced in arterial endothelia in vivo (Kim et al.

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