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Power coursed through him; he loved it. The lady is 65 now. She would never see Josef Fritzl again in the flesh, but she saw him all right, during those mad days of April 2008 when his face became a global symbol for evil. She saw those eyes and the healing process of 41 years evaporated. ‘As soon as I saw his picture on TV, I knew it was him. I recognized him by the eyes. I couldn’t sleep the whole night after that,’ she said. ‘It was as if what he did to me happened yesterday. I remember someone pulling the bedclothes back, and I thought it was my husband coming home,’ she went on.

The boy clearly had complexes about who he was and what his standing was. He knew that tongues wagged – had to. ’ Josef Gatterbauer, 62, was a neighbour of Fritzl’s in his youth, growing up in the house across the street. ‘The person I have the most memories of is his mother,’ he says. ‘For us, he – Josef – was always known as Sepp Nenning. The house they were living in was widely known as the Nenning house. It was their property, but they rented out some of the rooms, so that there were always other families living under the roof.

When he was released from jail he went on holiday to put some distance between him and his crime, and he first met the man who was to become his lifelong friend, Paul Hoera. With his love of Germany Fritzl discovered a friend in Hoera; their children were of the same age, they shared a mutual love of football and Rosemarie’s cooking, and with his former friends probably only too aware of his criminal past, he started to reinvent himself as a hardworking engineer and a loving but strict father. At the same time, he set out to erase the past that he had created.

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