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NMR spectroscopy is the main invaluable and flexible analytical device in chemistry. whereas first-class monographs exist on high-resolution NMR in beverages and solids, this is often the 1st booklet to deal with multidimensional solid-state NMR. Multidimensional thoughts allow researchers to acquire precise information regarding the constitution, dynamics, orientation, and section separation of solids, which gives the foundation of a better Read more...

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27) (in the bottom line, an interchange of the arbitrary indices i and j in the second term shows that this term is exactly identical to the first term). Therefore, we can completely disregard the antisymmetric part of (1 in the following. A symmetric tensor like the symmetric part of (J is characterized most conveniently in the coordinate system in which it is diagonal; this is the 'principal axes system' (PAS) (for some mathematical background, see Appendix D). 28) On the right-hand side, both the Do field direction bo and the tensor (1 are expressed by their coordinates in the PAS.

The asymmetry parameter T/Q of the electric field gradient tensor in aliphatic C- 2H bonds is usually negligible (T/Q == 0). This is due to the approximate uniaxiality of the electron density in the (1 bonds, which are most relevant for the charge density distribution and resulting field-gradient tensor close to the 2H nucleus. This cylindrical symmetry also causes the unique z axis of the PAS of the electric field gradient tensor to coincide with the C- 2H bond direction (more precisely, the C- 2H internuclear vector) within 3° or less.

D) Geometry of the phenylene ring 0 0 flip ({3 = 120 ) . 6). (f) Phenylene-ring flip 2H spectrum. The pattern is obtained from the spectrum in (e) by superimposing the mirror-symmetric powder pattern arising from the second transition. 34 MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOLID-STATE NMR AND POLYMERS C- 2H bonds and the averaged tensor's principal axis labelled by n (the actual angles of this axis to the C- 2H bonds may be ()n and 180° - On). 9(c). L to the 2H-C_ 2H plane). 58) ~n = 3/8 = 0 6 " 5/8 .. 9(f). 10(b) displays r; and -g for uniaxial libration with a root-mean-square amplitude a on a cone with half-apex angle {3P.

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