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The Eighties in Latin the US observed the implementation of a sweeping programme of financial reforms, both imposed as a situation for securing new loans or to embody the neoliberal doctrine of structural adjustment, the ideology of a newly shaped transnational capitalist classification. even though, the structural adjustment programme additionally generated frequent resistance, specially from in the renowned region of civil society. This publication analyses either the politics of the adjustment procedure and the political dynamics of this resistance in Latin America.

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The New Social Order in Latin America In order to gauge the social and political forces generated in support of, or resistance to, the neoliberal economic reforms, it is important to examine the underlying structure of class relations. Changes in this structure over the past two decades of reforms have had a significant impact on the 32 The Historical and Theoretical Context politics of economic reform on the forces that have been mobilized in support of, or opposition to, SAPs. The policy and institutional reforms have themselves also produced changes in this structure of class relations and associated conditions.

Source: Vilas (1994: 18), based on PREALC data. 40 The Historical and Theoretical Context these workers have been generally viewed as an underclass, with a tendency to act as a volatile mass - 'the urban poor' - and as such easily manipulated and mobilized by populist appeals; and politically unreliable or with little potential for effective mobilization. In the current context of the 'bold reforms' that are sweeping the region, the political responses of this class to SAPs surprisingly has generated little systematic study, although as 'the urban poor' they have appeared in various abstracted accounts of 'new social movements' in the region or identified as key agents of change in certain specific contexts - protagonists in the struggle against the policies of the military regime in Chile in 1983-6 and the austerity measures implemented by a variety of similar regimes in the 1980s, measures that have resulted in a series of outbreaks of sporadic protests, food riots, and so on However, the political responses of this class are much more complex and varied, requiring a much closer look, which we will do in other chapters in selected contexts.

Prices (to consumers), variation from Dec to Dec 4. External Debt 5. Evolution of Urban Real Wages (index 1980 = 100) 6. Balance on Trade Account (goods), millions of dollars 7. Balance on Current Account, millions of dollars Sources: CEPAL, 1993; Vilas, 1994: 11. As for the recovery of growth, most of it has been just that: a recovery. 5). 1 Source: Latin America Newsletter, various. superiority for its model and no grounds for the professed confidence of policy-makers and investors. And the statistics on export performance (see Weeks, 1995: 26) and the external debt inspire even less confidence.

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