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By Bernd Höcker

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Pl. sg. work=in some problem then nim fl a¯-i? sg. pl. sg. sg. ’ The pronoun va¯m fl is nevertheless not the only pronominal form used for A. The following ex. (10) is widely attested; the original nominative form vai is used, although it is in the function of A. pl. =gen. sg. ’ If case is defined as a system of formal and functional oppositions (cf. Dik 1978, Masica 1991), va¯m fl is not the structurally ergative case of the third person pronoun, given that the variant vai is used for A as well. The use of vai shows that there is no systematic difference between the marking of the transitive and intransitive subject in Marwari, just as the other pronouns show.

In attempting to account for the generalization of the zero-grade forms it may be noted that, if the proposal concerning the spread of the passive meaning is correct, all of the verbal adjectives produced The nt-participles and the verbal adjectives in *-to- 31 during their expansion were passive forms created to replace the passive participles which were being shifted to active in meaning. It thus is plausible that the form of the newly derived adjectives would have been influenced by that of the participles they were replacing.

Eku- and ed- rather than as relics of the active use of verbal adjectives belonging to transitive verbs. It should be noted that the previously proposed conversion from passive to active of the participles of verbs used exclusively as transitive could have been carried out in a fashion similar to that suggested above for the conversion of the verbal adjectives in the opposite direction, though the models for the initial conversions would have originated differently. In the case of the participles it is likely that the generalization of active meanings among those belonging to verbs used both intransitively and transitively had not been accomplished entirely without exception before the first exclusively passive participles of verbs uniformly transitive began to undergo a change in meaning.

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