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By Stephen Ceci

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Ceci argues that conventional conceptions of intelligence forget about the position of society in shaping intelligence and underestimate the intelligence of non-Western societies. He places forth a "bio-ecological" framework of person transformations in highbrow improvement that's meant to handle many of the significant deficiencies of extant theories of intelligence. the focal point is on substitute interpretations of phenomena that emerge while implicit assumptions of intelligence researchers are challenged.

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I shall also put forward the position that intelligence is a multifaceted set of abilities and that a specific facet might become more or less effective as a result of the ·physical, social, cultural, and historical contexts in which it has been crystallized and the contexts in which it is subsequently assessed. A corollary of this view, as will be seen in Chapter 9, is that the generality of intellectual functioning is more illusory than real, a phenomenon inextricably linked to the paradigms, values, and assumptions made by those committed to a deterministic viewpoint.

This argument will be developed later in greater detail. Before doing so, however, more should be said about the need for a developmental perspective to inform this line of inquiry. It will be argued that environmental influences are specific to each type of cognitive potential, both in the timing of onset and the rate of unfolding. , Elder, 1986). , Elder and Caspi, in press). Unlike psychometric theories of intelligence, the bioecological framework is inherently developmental. It posits the existence of periods of development when specific cognitive muscles may be differentially sensitive to the environment.

Clearly establish the greater effectiveness of cognitively complex individuals in strategic and planning activities .... Since correlations with ability tend to be absent, the less complex person is equally likely to be knowledgeable and generally competent. , elaborated knowledge), and (2) the efficacy with which an individual deploys a relevant cognitive process such as "encoding," "comparing," "high speed scanning," etc. in a given domain of experience. ) within a particular domain. And a knowledge domain is defined by the concepts contained in it and the dimensions along which these concepts are appraised.

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