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By Dr. Ramaier Narayanaswamy, Professor Dr. Otto S. Wolfbeis (auth.)

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Optical sensor know-how has reached a degree of technological adulthood that makes it a promising candidate for functions to express sensing demanding situations together with these in environmental tracking, in approach keep watch over (particularly in biotechnology), in medical assays have been reasonably cheap one-way sensing components are wanted, and in different parts. Optical sensors can be utilized as fiber optic microsensors, as planar coatings in bioreactors, in microtiterplate structure, in disposable single-shot units, and as planar membranes that may be imaged utilizing delicate cameras. The spectral variety extends from the UV to the infrared, and from absorption to emission to floor plasmon resonance. accordingly, various schemes are achievable, and this quantity provides a cutting-edge description of the nation of the art.

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Although announced, the systems were never commercialized. Optical sensors for C0 2 act as transducers in the blood bacteria detection systems of Organon BV and of Becton Dickinson [196]. Mycobacteria, in contrast to "conventional" bacteria, are more specifically detected via an oxygen transducer, and a simple and affordable version of a microbacteria growth indicator tube has been developed whose fluorescence can be inspected visually. Some of the commercial optical (non-fiber) chemical sensors and biosensors are compiled in Table 5, and some fiber optic sensors in Table 6, thus demonstrating the significance of optical (fiber) technology for environmental, industrial, and clinical sensing.

Pressure distribution in a model of an airplane as visualized via the fluorescence of a so-called pressure-sensitve (but in fact oxygen-sensitive) "paint" (PSP) gen image of normal skin and of tumorous skin tissue, demonstrating the large underoxygenation of the latter. A fascinating application of oxygen imaging is seen in so-called pressuresensitive paints (PSPs) which in fact are oxygen-sensitive paints. Such PSPs were first described in the late 1980s by Russian, US, and Canadian research- 28 Otto S.

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