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By Diana Palmer

ISBN-10: 1552544923

ISBN-13: 9781552544921

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She gnawed her lower lip. ” He smiled slowly. “Whatever you like. ” “Colby’s not like that, and you know it. ” “I suppose he was at that. ” She smiled and kissed him again. THE NEXT DAY, Colby was walking past Hunter’s office when he saw Ramirez strolling beside an old friend whom he hadn’t seen in years, Cy Parks. He grinned and his eyes sparkled. “Cy! Long time no see,” he said at once, reaching out to shake Cy’s hand. “That’s your fault,” Cy chuckled. “I tried to keep in touch. I didn’t know you were working here until Alexander Cobb phoned me.

He frowned. ” She looked up with pain in her small face. “Something bad is going to happen to her,” she said. He had a curious sinking sensation in his stomach. ” “No, I don’t,” she told him. “But Mommy’s going to get hurt. I don’t know what to do. ” The thought of something happening to Sarina was disturbing. He moved closer and knelt beside her chair. He was so tall that his eyes were on a level with hers. ” he asked softly. Her dark eyes met his. They were bright with worry and fear. “In a big place with boxes,” she said.

He looked blank. ” “If the air bag deploys for any reason with a small child in the front seat, it could be fatal,” Sarina explained. He shook his head. ” He bent down. ” he asked the child. She nodded, holding her book bag over one shoulder. He swung her up easily with his right arm. The feel of her small arms clinging to his neck trustingly made his heart melt. “Hold on,” he said softly, smiling. ” “I know that,” she told him, grinning. Her arms tightened. He turned and walked up the slope past the parking lot to where his black SUV was parked.

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