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Being a hefty, deaf newcomer virtually makes Will Halpin the least well known man at Coaler excessive. but if he befriends the single man much less well known than him, the dork-namic duo has the smarts and guts to determine who knocked off the big name quarterback. Will can’t listen what’s happening, yet he’s a good observer.

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The “Alice” of the title refers to a line from a song about drug use by the rock group Jefferson Airplane. The book’s narrator comes from a good, middle-class family, but a breakup with a boyfriend destroys her self-esteem. At a party, unbeknownst to her, she is given the drug LSD in a drink. Enjoying the experience, she becomes a regular drug user, starting with marijuana and moving on to amphetamines and other pills. Desperate to fund her growing drug habit, she becomes a drug dealer, selling drugs to her friends in high school and even elementary school students.

Things become more serious when the harassers, urged on by Wendy, strip Linda in the girls’ restroom and force her to eat chocolate ants. Jill turns against Wendy and stands up for Linda during a mock trial. Jill now is the one who is ostracized and harassed. Wendy extends the harassment to Jill’s best friend, Tracy Wu, who is Chinese American. She makes a racial slur against Tracy, which only makes Jill all the more determined to fight her. Ironically, Linda, herself a victim, now joins in the harassment of Jill, eager to be accepted by Wendy and her followers.

Shortly after she was born, her parents moved to a small town in Arkansas, not unlike Jenkinsville in Summer of My German Soldier. As the only Jewish family in town, the Evenskys always felt like outsiders. Greene took to writing early in her life and, at age nine, sold her first news story—about a barn fire—to a Memphis newspaper for 18 cents. When she was about 14 her family moved back to Memphis, where she graduated from high school in 1952. She went on to attend several colleges and universities without earning a degree from any of them.

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