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By Lauraine Snelling

ISBN-10: 076422221X

ISBN-13: 9780764222214

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Ruby took the wrung-out rag and dusted off the worst of the mess. ‘‘Milly, please get the broom to sweep this up while Opal washes off in the pantry. ’’ Opal groaned but walked gingerly so as not to dislodge any more flour goop. An insistent meow came from the door to the storeroom. ‘‘You can just stay there. ’’ Opal stopped at the pantry door and glanced back at Ruby, who was filling a bucket with water from the boiler simmering on the back of the stove. As Opal moved into the pantry, Ruby turned to Milly.

Perhaps she would not bother to ask him in advance. Telling him afterward or waiting until he heard and accosted her might suffice. She put the thoughts out of her mind, smiled and waved at Mr. Polenski through the first sparkling window, and went outside to bring in her pupils to begin their morning. When she stepped outside to find Sadie covered in blood, she had an idea this would be a less than perfect day. ’’ ‘‘Nothing. Her nose just started bleeding,’’ one of the students informed her. ’’ She took Sadie by the hand and led her into the classroom.

She’d never liked wearing elaborate hairdos or fancy ball gowns. After all, as the saying went, one cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. ‘‘Mr. ’’ Her father leaned close enough to whisper. ’’ I know of no such thing. And what about the impression he made on me? One of extreme boredom. But her father had his hand on hers as if he sensed she might be inclined to bolt. Not that she’d ever given him such an idea. ’’ Sidney Longstreet bowed as if his back were made of steel bars. ’’ Perhaps before he had been terribly shy or tired.

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