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By Hagop M. Kantarjian, Robert A. Wolff

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Pediatric Hematology is a complete and succinct referenced textual content at the analysis and therapy of blood illnesses in youth. It presents a prepared resource of reference for all of the stipulations more likely to be encountered in day by day scientific perform. for every situation, the authors supply worthy recommendation on differential diagnoses and medical administration. This 3rd variation has been greatly up to date all through, in mild of contemporary advancements during this quickly advancing zone of medicine.

A good proven textbook at the analysis and remedy of blood problems in childhood

  • A balanced and leading edge referenced textual content on all features of prognosis and therapy
  • Easy to exploit, essentially prepared, with crucial features of biology incorporated inside each one bankruptcy
  • International editorial and contributor team—representing a large geographical and chronological range

Whether you're a longtime sub-specialist in pediatric hematology/oncology, a pediatrician, a trainee or nursing expert, this booklet will resolution your whole questions on benign and malignant issues of the blood in young ones and younger adults.Content:
Chapter 1 Hematopoiesis: An advent (pages 1–8): Hugh J.M. Brady
Chapter 2 Failure of purple phone creation (pages 9–29): Sarah E. Ball
Chapter three Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes (pages 30–63): Yigal Dror
Chapter four received Aplastic Anemia (pages 64–76): Juliana Teo and Yigal Dror
Chapter five problems of Iron Metabolism: Iron Deficiency, Iron Overload and the Sideroblastic Anemias (pages 77–104): Andrew M. Will
Chapter 6 Megaloblastic Anemia and issues of Cobalamin and Folate Metabolism (pages 105–129): Eric J. Werner
Chapter 7 Nonimmune Neonatal Anemias (pages 130–150): Brenda E.S. Gibson and Christina Halsey
Chapter eight Immune Hemolytic Anemias (pages 151–170): Bertil Glader
Chapter nine problems of Erythrocyte Metabolism together with Porphyria (pages 171–212): Lawrence Wolfe and Peter E. Manley
Chapter 10 Sickle cellphone sickness (pages 213–230): Corrina McMahon
Chapter eleven Hemoglobin versions and the Rarer Hemoglobin issues (pages 231–254): Andreas E. Kulozik
Chapter 12 crimson cellphone Membrane Abnormalities (pages 255–280): Patrick G. Gallagher
Chapter thirteen Thalassemias (pages 281–301): Nancy F. Olivieri and David J. Weatherall
Chapter 14 issues of Granulopoiesis and Granulocyte functionality (pages 303–339): Arian Laurence, Pratima Chowdary and Philip Ancliff
Chapter 15 Histiocytic issues (pages 340–359): Amir H. Shahlaee and Robert J. Arceci
Chapter sixteen Acute Myeloid Leukemia (pages 360–383): Leslie S. Kean, Robert J. Arceci and William G. Woods
Chapter 17 persistent Myeloid Leukemia (pages 384–404): Irene A.G. Roberts and Inderjeet S. Dokal
Chapter 18 Myelodysplastic Syndromes (pages 405–422): David K.H. Webb
Chapter 19 basic and purchased Immunodeficiency (pages 423–449): Andrew R. Gennery, Adam H.R. Finn and Andrew J. Cant
Chapter 20 medical gains and remedy of Lymphoblastic Leukemia (pages 450–481): Owen P. Smith and Ian M. Hann
Chapter 21 Lymphomas (pages 482–503): O.B. Eden and Ross Pinkerton
Chapter 22 Inherited and Congenital Thrombocytopenia (pages 505–525): Owen P. Smith
Chapter 23 Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (pages 526–547): Paul Imbach
Chapter 24 Thrombocytosis (pages 548–561): Christof Dame
Chapter 25 Platelet functionality problems (pages 562–582): Alan D. Michelson
Chapter 26 Hemophilia A and B (pages 583–597): Judith Smith and Owen P. Smith
Chapter 27 Von Willebrand ailment (pages 598–607): David Lillicrap
Chapter 28 infrequent Congenital Hemorrhagic problems (pages 608–623): Nigel S. Key and Margaret A. Heisel?Kurth
Chapter 29 bought problems of Hemostasis (pages 624–642): Elizabeth A. Chalmers, Michael D. Williams and Angela Thomas
Chapter 30 Bleeding within the Neonate (pages 643–671): Elizabeth A. Chalmers
Chapter 31 Thromboembolic problems in young children (pages 672–690): Mary Bauman and M. Patricia Massicotte
Chapter 32 Blood elements and Fractionated Plasma items: guidance, symptoms and management (pages 691–723): Nancy Robitaille and Heather A. Hume
Chapter 33 risks of Transfusion (pages 724–744): Naomi L.C. Luban and Edward C.C. Wong
Chapter 34 administration of an infection in little ones with Bone Marrow Failure (pages 745–754): Subarna Chakravorty and Ian M. Hann
Chapter 35 Hematologic results of Systemic illness and Nonhematopoietic Tumors (pages 755–777): Angela Thomas
Chapter 36 Lysosomal garage problems (pages 778–791): Brad T. Tinkle and Gregory A. Grabowski
Chapter 37 Reference Values (pages 792–810): Paula S. Simpkin and Roderick F. Hinchliffe

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