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By Frank Pittman

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Why do part the folk in marriages have affairs? What difficulties are they attempting to solve?
Using genuine case reviews, in addition to examples from tune, literature, and picture, Dr. Pittman identifies 4 easy styles of infidelity―the unintended come upon, ordinary philandering, marital preparations, and romance―discussed the right way to restrict the wear and tear that affairs do, and gives useful feedback on how one can make a wedding paintings.

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Affair partners are not chosen because they are the winners of some objective sex contest. They are chosen for all manner of strange and usually nonsexual reasons. Affair choices are usually far choices. When one is chosen to be one should not feel complimented. When I compare cuckolds and affairees, I try to understand the crucial difference that seems so important to the infidel. I find no consistent pattern. I certainly have not found a pattern of affair partners being better-looking than marriage partners, or nicer, or more accomplished.

Therefore, it is not only more accurate, but also more helpful to consider infidelity as out of order and symptomatic. Then we need to determine what it is symptofere greatly with trust matic of. Myth # 2: Affairs are good for marriage. Somehow been foisted upon us that found that idea expressed is affairs in the idea has can revive dull marriages. I've Playboy and in Cosmopolitan, which not surprising since those magazines are selling sexy fantasies, but I've also heard it from marriage and family frightening.

To reduce this comway to say so, the marriage. and an The inefficient feelings plexity to a question as adolescent as the presence or absence of "love" is idiocy of the highest order. That question is best left to the petals of daisies. ) riage abounds tion, dependency, must recognize that mar- in love, hate, lust, disgust, envy, guilt, pity, fear, and all other emotions admira- known and un- known. The issue is not one of emotion, but one of choice —whether the commitment of marriage has or has not been abandoned.

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