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By Mary Lou Décosterd

ISBN-10: 0313380724

ISBN-13: 9780313380723

ISBN-10: 0313380732

ISBN-13: 9780313380730

This interesting research examines a facet of President Obama that falls outdoors of his ethnic historical past, his political profession, or guidelines: how his designated management kind comes from his outstanding skill to take advantage of either halves of his mind to greatest potential.

• presents a chronology of President Obama's existence, key affects, and demanding moments as they relate to his present management traits

• provides key, unique types, the correct Brain/Left mind management version and an power version, either severe frameworks for riding management success

• bargains an in depth bibliography on management and management mind science

• comprises excerpts from President Obama's so much defining, first-year-in-office addresses, interviews, and press conferences

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This example is presented as a visualization exercise ( good too for brain development), so be patient and play along. Picture a large square machine with glass windows at eye level on all four sides. Through the windows you are staring with fascination at three tiered steps piled with coins — quarters, to be exact. The steps move back and forth independently, pushing the coins closer and closer to an edge. As coins pass over the edge they fall into a collection bucket as a player’ s winnings. The Nature/Nurture of Leadership 23 To play the game you insert quarters one at a time.

As he is an only child but has several half-siblings, he will share fewer traits with them. Still, in all, his genetic code represents a one-ofa-kind constellation, the luck of the draw. A Sociocultural Context One’s makeup can be further configured based on the nature of traits themselves. Certain characteristics are influenced by a single gene pair. Such is the case for many physical traits — eye and hair color, for example, and for certain illnesses as well. Behaviors and abilities are not as straightforward.

He demonstrates time and time again a capacity for empathy, not sympathy, that distinguishes him. As he moves further into his presidency, Obama’s accentuated human qualities will afford the opportunity to foster renewed hope and personal accountability in the American people and to address problems at home and abroad that until now have seemed irreconcilable. 14 Right Brain/Left Brain President Beyond compassion and empathy, another of Obama’s admirable human qualities is his ability to admit mistakes.

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