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By Kailin Gow

ISBN-10: 1597486329

ISBN-13: 9781597486323

Within the small captivating inn city often called depraved, MA, lies an age-old mystery. Newcomer Briony Patterson, who has lately misplaced her mom and dad and more youthful brother, will quickly to determine what it is... booklet 2 of five within the depraved Woods sequence Winner most sensible Horror Fiction - 2011 overseas ebook AwardsBook three: Silver - on hand Now.Book four: Silence - August 23, 2011Book five: Sight - 2012

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She would not let that happen. More importantly, Briony was determined that she would never let Pietre get around to what came next. She wouldn’t let him turn her into something like… like Fallon? A small part of her demanded an answer. Like your family? Briony shook her head. They hadn’t had any choice in it. Briony would die before she let Pietre do that to her. More than that, she would die before she let Pietre do something like that to hurt Aunt Sophie. She could just imagine the pain it would cause her, knowing that her last remaining relative had been transformed into one of the things she hated so much, knowing that her duty would be to drive a stake into Briony’s heart before the hunger got too great for her great niece to handle.

Fallon was already running out into the trees with more than human speed. He was gone in less time than it took to blink. Briony wrapped herself in his coat, hoping that the young vampire would be all right. Beside her, Kevin yipped. “I know, I know,” Briony said. ” Climbing onto his back was like snuggling into a soft duvet, except that duvets didn’t generally leap forward, plunging through forests at speeds that made Briony cling on for dear life. She dug her fingers into the fur at Kevin’s neck, wrapping her legs around his waist and hoping it would be enough to keep her from falling as trees flashed past.

The stake slid in easily this time, under the ribs and into the heart. Briony found herself staring into the vampire’s eyes as it died, then as the flames claimed it. What she hoped she would see, she did not know. Whatever it was, it was not there. She took a shuddering breath. ” The boys nodded, their instinctive hatred put aside for the moment at least as they followed in Briony’s wake, letting her lead them from the house that had brought them so much pain. Twice more, as they made their way from the building, vampires attempted to attack them.

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