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Being a hefty, deaf newcomer nearly makes Will Halpin the least well known man at Coaler excessive. but if he befriends the single man much less renowned than him, the dork-namic duo has the smarts and guts to determine who knocked off the megastar quarterback. Will can’t pay attention what’s happening, yet he’s a very good observer.

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He tried frantically to start it up, but before he got it into gear I’d already smashed the windshield, spiderwebbing the glass badly enough to prevent its operation until the shards were busted out. Fish scrambled out the driver’s door. ” I swung again, left-handed this time, and caught him in the shin. He went down in hysterics and I got him a good one on the forearm. I could hear bone cracking, and I figured he was probably out of commission for the evening. A crowd had formed at the door of the roadhouse.

Heard they busted his ribs. Heard Billy Clark wasn’t much help to him, either. ” “I’m going to let Billy-boy cool his heels in the jug until he’s arraigned. ” “Hell, no. Fired, fall of ’44. Pulled his service revolver on a civilian over at Lawrence Stadium, off-duty, before a ball game. Claimed it was a legit arrest, turned out to be a beef over a parking space. We hired a whole bunch of 4-F morons when our men started signing up and getting drafted, and that’s one time it bit us right in the ass.

I was in my easy chair in the parlor, as close to the radio as possible, weighing the relative merits of going out on the town versus staying in and reading. I was midway through a book from the twenties entitled Sexual History of the World War, a pretty good read that Sally didn’t want in the house. ” she’d said when I brought it home from the secondhand book store. It was a pretty good read. I had an idea that America’s sexual habits must have changed some after the boys came back from Europe in 1918, having learned about cuntlapping and blowjobs and various other bits of European business, and similarly in the last few years I’d seen many an Iowa farm boy wake up to the myriad possibilities inherent in human coition.

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