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By Pedro Alexis Tabensky (eds.)

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Am I, and should I be, glad and not regret, all things considered, that you and I exist? I am inclined to say Yes, and I certainly want to say Yes, to that question. But that answer seems to have the consequence that I should not wish, all things considered, that the First World War had 12 Love and the Problem of Evil not been fought, since I, and probably all or most of you, individually, would not have existed if that war had not occurred. That consequence is hard to swallow. Is it not monstrous to regard our individual existences as more important than the horrors of that conflict, not to mention some of its later repercussions?

Rom. 6: 2, 18) Despite the forceful Pauline rhetoric, and the emphasis throughout Romans on the robust antipathy to sin of those whom Christ has saved, one could be pardoned for finding this response more hopeful than compelling. If sin is the occasioning cause of grace, as Paul asserts (5: 20), then shouldn’t the upright man try to overcome his repugnance to sin, and commit still more sins – even if he has to hold his moral nose while doing so? Rejecting sin seems unreasonable if one sincerely believes that by sinning one provides the requisite basis for the greater good of grace.

But it is less obvious, though equally true, in the case of those historically respected figures who have sought to acquire honour by waging aggressive warfare. 3. Milton’s Adam is in the unusual situation of learning of the happy consequences of his own sin before they occur, hearing them foretold by the Archangel Michael. More commonly, happy consequences are unknown before they occur, in the normal absence of heavenly messengers. 3 Love and Emotional Reactions to Necessary Evils Thaddeus Metz This chapter supposes that certain bads are necessary for substantial goods, and poses the question of how one ought to react emotionally to such bads.

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