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By Gary Paulsen

ISBN-10: 0440404541

ISBN-13: 9780440404545

The wintry weather room is the place Eldon, his brother Wayne, previous Uncle David, and the remainder of the relatives assemble on icy chilly nights, sitting in entrance of the range. There the men pay attention eagerly to all of Uncle David's stories of superheroes.Then one evening Uncle David tells the tale, "The Woodcutter," and what occurs subsequent is terrible--then terrific.

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I was lying about the whole school thing. Like I care where I go. But it was the only way to convince Dad that I had a valid reason for moving. And it was the only way to convince Mom to let me go. ” Mom said, flopping down on the couch. I remembered when Dad used to flop on that same couch, exhausted from his long day at work and hectic commute home. It’s still so weird to be in the same house with the same stuff, without Dad. I had too much nervous energy to sit. I stayed near the coffee table, swaying a little.

I can’t figure out why she’s not calling me back. That’s not entirely true. I have a bad feeling that she’s mad because of Scott. She told me she wasn’t and I believed her. But now I’m starting to think she wasn’t being honest with me. I squash the bad feeling down. There’s no way I could deal with Candice being mad at me for liking Scott. That would mean I’m a bad friend and I just couldn’t live with that. Maybe she’s mad at me for ditching senior year. Or something else entirely. I just hope the bad feeling is wrong.

Okay,” I go. But of course it’s not okay. I shouldn’t be ordering in by myself again. Dad should say that he can’t work late anymore because I’m here now. Dad crunches into his egg roll. In the week that I’ve been here, we’ve had Chinese food, pizza, and burgers from this place called Kool Bloo for dinner. It’s fun to get takeout all the time. It’s like I’m on a trial separation from real food. We both know that Dad can’t cook and cooking isn’t something I enjoy, so homemade meals will soon become a distant memory.

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