Utilitarianism as a Public Philosophy by Robert E. Goodin PDF

By Robert E. Goodin

ISBN-10: 0521462630

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Robert E. Goodin, a thinker with many books on political idea, public coverage and utilized ethics to his credits, defends utilitarianism opposed to its critics and exhibits the way it should be utilized such a lot successfully over quite a lot of public rules. In discussions of such matters as paternalism, social welfare coverage, overseas ethics, nuclear armaments, and foreign responses to the surroundings hindrance, he demonstrates what a versatile device his model of utilitarianism may be in confronting the dilemmas of public coverage within the genuine international.

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D from them. ""'ble from a collective perspective. ~ only rNliOIIIhe pit looked bottomless from the individual's perspective wao thai he w.. contml· plAting having (ol least potentially) to do hi• bit ond eve, chaps. 4 and 5· 'F. )acbon 19118. 5 of sial~ action groups. The collective nature of the enterprise is respected by stipulating "in" groups. But that does not imply that the only way they can coordinate behavior is through some heavy-handed, formal, collective action "by" groups.

To defeat their objections, the utilitarian needs to show there is a legitimate role for state action at all. On the other hand, the utilitarian fixation with securing good outcomes through social action is opposed by dl'Ontologists, who would judge all actions in tenns of the inputs- specifically, in terms of the quality of the motives and intentions from which they proceed. Defeating these two sorts of opponents is the task of this and the next chapter, respectively, thus paving the way for the introduction (in Chapter 4) of my preferred form of "government house" utilitarianism.

Imize utility (which may bo dllfemt~ if the utility-maximizing rule is not in plocr and gmorally obeyed). " Lyons 1965. Smart 1967; 197J. Hare tl)lh. Hardin tiJ88. " Adams 197f>. R. Brandt 1C)88; 1992- pp. zli)-89. t6 Uli/itarillnism /IS 11 public philosophy The crucial argument standardly offered in favor of act utilitarianism, as against any other fonn, goes as follows. In any given instance, either act utilitarianism and rule I motive utilitarianism recommend we do the same thing; or else act utilitarianism recommends that we do one thing.

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