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By Barbara C Bigelow

ISBN-10: 1414404441

ISBN-13: 9781414404448

This set presents specific info on fifty two medications and different addictive elements, outlined as unlawful medicines, criminal addictive medicines and different ingredients in addition to mostly abused sessions of prescription and over the counter medications. prepared alphabetically by way of authentic identify, each one access follows a similar layout, permitting scholars to simply evaluate and distinction diverse medicinal drugs. related in scope to Thomson Gale's "Drugs and regulated elements for Students," this set presents info in an aim demeanour that's applicable for center institution scholars. data spotlight each one access and sidebars offer info at the felony, historic or social points of the actual drug. tricky phrases are outlined in the textual content and are integrated within the "Words to understand" part.

Each access contains: authentic and road identify class historic heritage and present influence Chemical/organic composition Ingestion tools healing makes use of utilization traits results remedy and rehabilitation And more

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S. Supreme Court rules (unanimously) in United States vs. Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Cooperative that the cooperatives permitted under California law to sell medical marijuana to patients who had a physician’s approval to use the drug were unconstitutional under federal law. 2002 Companies begin developing drink coasters and other detec- tion kits that allow consumers to test whether drinks have been drugged. If date-rape drugs are present, a strip on the testing kit changes color when a drop of the tampered drink is placed on it.

Congress passes the Gould Amendment requiring accurate and clear labeling of weights, measures, and numbers on food packages. 1914 The Harrison Narcotic Act bans opiates and cocaine in the United States. Their use as local anesthetics remains legal, however. 1916 Oxycodone is first developed in Germany and marketed under the brand name Eukodal. 1918 The Native American Church (NAC) is founded and combines Christian practices with the use of peyote rituals. S. government exempts the NAC from its ban on peyote if the drug is used as part of a bona fide religious ceremony.

Bronchitis: An illness that affects the bronchial tubes in the lungs, leading to shortness of breath and coughing. bronchodilator: A drug that relaxes breathing muscles, allowing air to flow more easily through the tubes that lead to the lungs. bufotenine: The component of venom from the toad genus Bufo that contains dimethyltryptamine (DMT). bulimia: Pronounced bull-EEM-eeh-yuh; an eating disorder that involves long periods of bingeing on food, followed by selfinduced vomiting and abuse of laxatives.

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