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By Ambassador Robert D. Blackwill, Jennifer M. Harris

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International locations perform geopolitical strive against via financial ability. but the United States frequently reaches for the gun over the handbag to enhance its pursuits out of the country. Robert Blackwill and Jennifer Harris express that if U.S. rules are left uncorrected, the fee in blood and treasure will in basic terms develop. Geoeconomic struggle calls for a brand new imaginative and prescient of U.S. statecraft.

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Returning to China’s purchase of Embraers, for instance, it is unlikely that any offer by Boeing or Airbus could have swayed the choice of Chinese 42 WAR BY OTHER MEANS leaders looking to mark the visit of the Brazilian president with a strengthening of the links between two of the BRICS countries. To take one more example, Argentina and China became engaged in a tit-for-tat dispute a few years ago that began with a move by Argentina to level new tariffs on low-value-added goods—a move widely seen as directed squarely toward China—and quickly escalated, as Beijing countered with spurious safety bans on Argentine beef.

The push in the late 1970s by the Federal Republic of Germany to adopt a single European currency (which it saw as necessary to preempt Western fears over Germany’s increasing strength at the time) and the advent of the European Union itself were both longer strategic plays, where the goals were broad, involving multiple targets, and where the benefits, while understood to be powerful, went mostly unforeseen among the chief proponents of these policies at the time. The $8 billion Qatar invested in Egypt between President Mubarak’s fall in early 2011 and President Morsi’s ouster in mid-2013 probably falls somewhere in the middle, bearing some reciprocal, shorter-term, specific assurances, if still coming with a fairly broad set of objectives and some expectation of benefits over an extended time horizon.

45 Insofar as the goal for Argentine officials in awarding these contracts was assuaging China, not necessarily finding the best bid, the result is a class of deals decided more for coercive reasons than on market logic, and as such, only really open to a few select firms. And finally, as dealmakers, states have shown a willingness to bargain with tools that are uniquely sovereign—spurious tax charges, forced joint ventures, police raids, state secrets, and even incarceration of business rivals.

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