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By Michelle Mitchell

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As a guardian you recognize that your baby is not only one other youngster, suffering to develop up. She is your daughter. that during itself makes her the main special and critical teen within the world.

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Jennifer, age 13 Did I say I hate you? Dear Diary I can’t breathe in this house. LITERALLY! I am suffocating! My parents just won’t leave me alone. I can’t do anything without them knowing. They watch me like a hawk with evil eyes! They want to control everything in my life! My mum put a lock on my computer because I was staying up till 2 am on it. Now I give her attitude because my computer locks me out when everyone gets on. It is on a stupid timer thing that I HATE! I get so so so so mad. I yell @ her.

Yeah, I do. I mean I know I don’t act like it but she is my mum. I just get angry and say bad stuff but I don’t really mean it. I feel really bad for treating her like that. It makes me feel horrible because she loves me so much and would do anything for me and I treat her so bad. I am a total bitch! I don’t know why I do it. I think about it all the time. ’ ‘Would you be willing to tell your mum the truth? ’ I asked hopefully. ‘Yes, I think it would help us sort things out,’ Emily replied. I noticed a tear in her eye.

Teenagers regularly consider whether their actions will be approved or disapproved of by their peers. They not only consider whether they will be approved of but carefully weigh the implications associated with this perception. If you think your teenager is stronger than that, think again. Most errors in judgment, where a teenager has acted out of character, can be traced back to an overriding need for acceptance and approval. I have seen occasions when this desire for approval has literally meant the difference between life and death.

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